FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

I determine my rates based on three things:
  • What you need created,
  • How quickly you need it, and
  • What usage-rights you want to the image.
Tell me all the details and I'll provide you with a FREE estimate.
When you commission a project from Auger Artwork Studios you will be granted the right to use the design created in a specific way (or ways). This written agreement is known as your usage-rights. Any use without express written permission is prohibited and a violation of copyright law. Buying limited usage-rights (for example, the right to use an illustration on t-shirts) is much less expensive than buying a full copyright transfer which grants all usage-rights to use an illustration any way you wish (and usually only needed for logo design).
I require a 50% non-refundable down-payment to begin work on any project. The fastest way to provide payment is by credit card using PayPal or Square secure money transfer services. Major credit cards are accepted as well as e-checks. I can send you an invoice which you can pay securely online or you may call Auger Artwork Studios at 202-670-ARTY (9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday) with your payment information.